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XK K127

Wltoys XK K127 RC Helicopter Parts Wltoys XK K127 Upgrade Parts list Mods,Wltoys XK K127 Battery

Wltoys XK K127 RC Helicopter Parts,Wltoys XK K127 Parts Wltoys XK K127 Upgrade Parts List Mods.Wltoys XK K127 Reviews.Wltoys XK K127 RC Battery Packs Charger Manual, Wltoys XK K127 Upgrade Metal Parts kit,Wltoys XK K127 Motor, Fuselage, Propellers, Charger, Transmitter.XK K127 Manual. Propellers.

The Video for the Wltoys XK K127 RC Helicopter

Wltoys XK K127 RC Helicopter Helicopter

Hello. Everyone, I am very happy that Weili Wltoys recently released a new product, Wltoys XK K127 Flybarless remote control Helicopter.

1. This remote control aircraft adopts a four-channel design without flybars, and is equipped with a six-axis gyroscope chip inside. This design can not only realize the powerful air pressure altitude determination function, but also can use the optical flow positioning technology for precise positioning.

2. The aircraft model is equipped with a 8520 Coreless Motor which has a Strong power. In

addition, This helicopeter can run up to 16 minutes which allowing players to enjoy the fun of flying for a longer period of time.

3. The remote control of this product has multiple functions,like low voltage alarm, large and small rudder conversion, etc. Especially For the aircraft hovering debugging mode, it can adjust the aircraft to the best state.

4. The tail motor of this product has been welded with plugs and wires. So it is very convenient for players to install or remove this tail motor. You don't need to solder by yourself. This can greatly improved the convenience of installation.

5. The remote control of this product adopts an independent locator rocker seat, which has a better hand feeling and more accurate return.

6. The flight control system of this product adds two receiver conversion sockets, 5V is suitable for FUTABA (S-BUS) and other receivers with (S-BUS) ports, and 3V is suitable for DSM receivers.

Wltoys XK K127 Parts Accessories list

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    The details for the Wltoys XK K127 RC Helicopter Remote Control Aircraft

    product description

    Model: K127
    Product Name: Four-way single-propellerless aircraft (with air pressure and altitude control)
    Material: PA
    Product size: rotor diameter 25.3CM, fuselage length 28CM, height 8.3CM, width 6CM.
    Color box size: 33.6*25.4*9.1CM
    Outer box size: 57*35*52.5CM
    Packing Quantity: 12
    Gross net weight: 8.44/6.94KG
    Product weight (bare metal): 49.3g (with battery)
    Use time: the flight time is about 16 minutes
    Charging time: 35-40 minutes
    Remote control distance: 80-100 meters
    Motor: main motor (hollow cup) 8520 tail motor (hollow cup) 0615
    Battery: body 3.7V (400MAH) (included), remote control 6*1.5AA (not included)

    Packing List:

    color box packaging*1, aircraft*1, remote control*1, manual*1, USB charger*1, wind blade*2, lithium battery*1


    * Please read the instructions carefully before use.
    * Don't over-charge or over-discharge batteries. Don't put it beside the high-temperature condition. Don't throw it into the fire. Don't throw it into water.
    * There could be some deviations due to manual measurement or slight color difference owing to photographing condition. Thank you for your understanding.

    Product Details Features:

    This remote control aircraft has many outstanding functional performances. Such as air pressure altitude control system, hovering debugging, 2.4GHZ remote control, powerful motor, modular battery, USB charging, flybarless design, one-key takeoff and landing, low voltage alarm. Super 16 minutes battery life. Explain in detail below:

    1. Flight control system. The flight control system adds two receiver conversion sockets, 5V is suitable for FUTABA (S-BUS) and other receivers with (S-Bus) ports. 3V for use with DSM receivers.
    Precautions for frequency operation of external receiver:
    a. The remote controller must be in four-axis mode or a fixed-wing mode with a conventional layout, and cannot have mixing parameters.
    The b.5 channel defaults to the light switch switch. It is recommended to remove the main propeller and the motor plug before linking. Avoid channel reversal causing the aircraft to rotate or fail to fly. M

    3. Hover debug mode. When the plane is flying off course. The aircraft can be adjusted to the best hovering state through the hovering debugging mode.

    4. The main motor is protected by a 8520 brush Coreless Motor, which makes the motor life longer. The tail motor uses a 0615 coreless motor, and adopts a detachable plug-type design, which is convenient for customers to replace.

    5. 16 minutes long battery life. This aircraft contains a modular lithium battery with a power of 3.7V 400mAH. A battery life can be as high as 16 minutes. The battery adopts a modular design, and the battery can be replaced conveniently and quickly without dismantling the case.

    6. One-button take-off and landing functions. This helicopter has one-button take-off and landing functions,Which makes the operation easier. And it is more suitable for novices.

    7. Super long remote control distance. This helicopter adopts a 2.4GHZ high-frequency signal connection, and you can accurately control this helicopter in 80-100m distance.

    Wltoys XK K127 FAQ

    Question: Do the Wltoys XK K127 waterproofs?

    Most of the equipment of this remote control Helicopter is waterproof, which can fly in less watery terrain. At that time, if the water is too deep, try to avoid using it. Avoid the battery plug, etc., from touching water and burning the remote control Helicopter.

    Question: How long is it usable until the charge?

    When this remote control Helicopter is driving at full capacity, it can last about 17 minutes. If you buy 2-3x battery it can take 34 to 51 minutes. So you can buy more spare batteries. If one battery is dead, you can replace another battery.

    Question: Is there only one battery in the package or there is two?

    The original remote control Helicopter comes with a lithium battery inside. It has been installed in the remote control Helicopter, you can directly connect and use it after receiving the goods.

    Question: what spare batteries do people recommend for this Helicopter.

    We recommend that this remote control Helicopter can use the official 3.7V 400mAH battery can greatly improve the driving time, experience more lasting driving pleasure.

    Wltoys XK K127 Reviews

    This helicopter looks very cool ! At the same time this helicopter is easy to control and responsive.

    The build quality of this aircraft is fantastic. I like the exterior design of this helicopter. At the same time, The Flying stability of this helicoepter is excellent. It flies smoothly and It is very easy to handle. At the same time it is very durable and itcan withstand bumps.

    This Helicopter is perfect for boys who like to play with Helicopters. First of all, it looks cool. The body of the Helicopter is very light. The controllability is so simple to the normal RC Helicopters that kids play with. The owner is also very good.

    For newbies, it is very easy to operate at first. We recommend reading the manual carefully and choosing to fly in 3D mode. Wait until you get good at it and then use the fast pilot. Because the Helicopter is very fast, if you use 6G mode at the beginning, you may hit walls and obstacles at high speed, which may be easily damaged.

    The plane flies long enough. It is recommended to buy 2 batteries, and half an hour at a time is almost enough. No matter how long it takes. It may be easy to burn out the main motor, and you need to rest and cool down for a while before playing. Handling performance is very simple.