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XK A500

Wltoys XK A500 RC Plane Parts Wltoys XK A500 Upgrade Parts list Mods,Wltoys XK A500 Battery

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The Video for the Wltoys XK A500 RC Plane

Wltoys XK A500 RC Plane Plane

Hello. Everyone, I am very happy that Weili Wltoys recently released a new product, Wltoys XK A500 full-scale remote control Plane. This RC airplane model is made with Q-F4U Corsair as the shape prototype. The fuselage is made of EPO material, the structure of the fuselage is stable, resistant to falling and impact, and the weight is also very light. The entire plane has first-class anti-collision performance and good internal shock resistance, which can greatly protect the normal operation of various internal circuit equipment. . The overall weight of the fuselage is only 270g.
This remote control plane is a full-scale remote control, and the remote control is strictly proportional to the control. He will move like your remote fuel range. Really accurate remote control. You can experience the fun of racing more realistically.
This remote control aircraft has a wingspan of 350m and a length of 270mm. The size of the outer color box is 38X18.7X20.2 CM.
This remote control aircraft motor adopts a strong magnetic Coreless motor. This motor is fast. Great for high-speed gliding. The battery adopts 7.4V 400MAH lithium battery. The discharge coefficient is 25°C. The charging time is about 80 minute, and it can be played for about 11-14 minutes at a time. The entire remote control distance can be up to 150m. Support multiple players to play at the same time without interfering with each other.
7. The remote control has the setting of large and small rudders. Small rudders are suitable for beginners to fly. Large and small rudders can easily do somersaults, reverse flight, spirals and other actions.

Wltoys XK A500 Parts Accessories list

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    The details for the Wltoys XK A500 RC Plane Remote Control Aircraft

    WLtoys XK A500 P51 2.4G 3D 6G Gyro Roll Stunt Airplane 4 Channel LED Remote 4CH Radio Control Brushless RC EPP Foam AirPlane

    Product parameter

    Color: blue
    Product material: EPP
    Wingspan : 350mm
    Fuselage length : 270mm
    Takeoff weight: 70g
    Remote control mode: 2.4G remote control
    Remote control distance : more than 150 meters
    Number of channels: 4CH
    Package weight : 648 g
    Box size (cm): 38*18.7*20.2CM
    Battery: LI-POLY 3.7V (400MAH) 20C
    Charging time: about 70 minutes
    Playing time: 12 minutes

    Product features:

    1. This model airplane is modeled after the Q-F4U Corsair fighter plane used in World War II and is constructed from impact-resistant EPP+ engineering materials. As a result, it is a durable and high-quality product that can withstand minor collisions during flights.

    2. Equipped with a powerful 1020 high magnetic 1020 Coreless motor and a 2g high-precision digital steering gear, this airplane is designed to provide excellent performance and maneuverability. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced pilot, you'll appreciate the aircraft's power and control.

    3. This airplane is perfect for flying in different scenarios and practicing your flying skills thanks to its 6-axis gyroscope and attitude locking. It also has a 3D/6G mode conversion, making it ideal for novice pilots looking to improve their flying skills. Additionally, it has an air mode conversion, allowing for both beginner and aerobatic modes.

    4. With multiple flight modes to choose from, you can select the one that best suits your flying preferences. Whether you prefer a slower, more stable flight or a faster, more dynamic one, you'll find a mode that works for you.

    5. The landing gear is installed in the slots of the front and rear rubber parts, making it suitable for sliding landings under special circumstances. Additionally, it can be used for outdoor sliding takeoff and directly entering the fixed wing mode, which increases its versatility and convenience.

    Package Information:

    1 *Color box packaging
    1 *Remote control
    1 * Aircraft
    1 * Manual
    1 * usb charging head
    1 * Blade set
    2 * Battery 3.7V(400MAH)
    1 *Rear landing gear
    1 *Left and right landing gear
    1 *Phillips screwdriver


    * Please read the instructions carefully before use.
    * Don't over-charge or over-discharge batteries. Don't put it beside the high-temperature condition. Don't throw it into the fire. Don't throw it into water.
    * There could be some deviations due to manual measurement or slight color difference owing to photographing condition. Thank you for your understanding.

    Package Size: 50.5*15.1*20.8cm
    Package Weight: 1425g
    Gift Box Package

    Product Features:

    Wltoys XK A500 FAQ

    Question: Do the Wltoys XK A500 waterproofs?

    Most of the equipment of this remote control Plane is waterproof, which can drive in less watery terrain. At that time, if the water is too deep, try to avoid using it. Avoid the battery plug, etc., from touching water and burning the remote control Plane.

    Question: How long is it usable until the charge?

    When this remote control Plane is driving at full capacity, it can last about 8 minutes. If you upgrade to 1200mah, it can take 10 to 15 minutes. So you can buy more spare batteries. If one battery is dead, you can replace another battery.

    Question: Is there only one battery in the package or there is two?

    The original remote control Plane comes with a lithium battery inside. It has been installed in the remote control Plane, you can directly connect and use it after receiving the goods.

    Question: what spare batteries do people recommend for this Plane.

    We recommend that this remote control Plane can use the upgraded version of 600mah 680man battery can greatly improve the driving time, experience more lasting driving pleasure.

    Question: Can it run stock on 3S lipo?/

    The remote control Plane produced by the original factory does not support a 3S battery and will burn out. If you have to modify the 3S 11.1v battery, you need to upgrade the receiver board, remote control, motor, and ESC, steering gear. use.

    Question: Since this has an upgraded battery included, is it premodified to fit the larger battery? or do we still need to modify it ourselves?

    This remote control Plane can support a 7.4V lithium battery by default. As long as the size can be put down or fixed, you can use a larger capacity lithium battery. Note that the discharge factor is preferably 20C, the voltage should be 11.1V, and the material should be lithium battery.

    Wltoys XK A500 Reviews

    1. This aircraft is an excellent choice for boys who enjoy playing with planes, boasting an impressive appearance that is sure to impress. Its lightweight body provides superior maneuverability compared to other RC planes typically used by children, and its build quality is exceptional.
    For beginners, it may not be easy to operate the aircraft at first. We highly recommend carefully reading the manual and initially flying in 3D mode. Once proficiency is gained, then the fast pilot mode can be used. The plane is very fast, so using 6G mode during the initial stages of flying may lead to collisions with walls and obstacles at high speeds, causing significant damage to the aircraft.

    2. This product ships very quickly! I had previously ordered from another vendor who never shipped my plane. Unlike other XK rtf planes, this one requires some assembly; the wing section must be attached to the fuselage. It's an easy assembly, but I thought I'd let everyone know. I'm excited to see how well this plane flies.

    3. The motor on this plane was slightly crooked, but it was still able to fly well. Despite the 360-degree rotation and low power, it performed admirably. The direct manual mode is a bit challenging, and I've crashed into the woods a few times and lost my propeller, but I ordered more and look forward to flying it again.

    4. This plane is lovely, and I've placed it in my showcase until the weather permits me to fly it. The instructions for flying it are also very good, and I'll enjoy it for a long time.

    5. I received this product as described. I had ordered from another seller, but they never delivered it to me. This seller did! I highly recommend buying from this seller!

    6. I placed my order on October 6th, and it arrived on October 25th without any damage to the box, which features beautiful illustrations. The product came with a battery and control, as described, and while the rotor was misaligned, I don't know if that's to compensate for the propeller's torsion. I haven't flown it yet, but I'll leave additional comments if I encounter any issues.