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Wltoys 284131

Wltoys 284131 RC Truck Parts Wltoys 284131 Upgrades Parts list Mods Battery

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Wltoys 284131 RC Racing Car Truck

Very happy today, Weili has launched a new 1/28 series mini remote control car. The model number is 284131. This mosquito car still continues the design style of the Weili factory. The size is super small. But super fast. And the quality is very good, very durable.
1 From the remote control time, the time can reach about 18 minutes. At the same time you buy multiple batteries. It can also extend the battery life. Improve playability.
2 In terms of remote control distance, the maximum remote control distance is within 100 meters. This is a big enough distance for friends who like racing. The transmission adopts 2.4GHZ transmission, which supports multiple remote control cars to compete at the same time without interfering with each other.
3. In terms of power, the speed of this small racing car is as high as 30km/h. The motor power part adopts a 130 brush motor, which is matched with such a delicate and ultra-small mini model of 7.5*8*5.5CM. You will have a very big visual shock.
4 As a new mini mosquito car launched in 2021, it continues the stable remote control program of K969 K979 K989. At the same time, the program has also been upgraded. Makes driving more precise.
5. The stability of this small racing car is super strong. Both front and rear wheels are fitted with shock absorber springs. It can easily use a variety of different road conditions terrain.
6. In order to control the racing car well at night, this mosquito car has been greatly upgraded. Added lighting control channel. The lights of the car can be controlled individually.

Wltoys 284131 Parts Accessories list

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    Wltoys 284131 Reviews and Evaluation:

    1 This small mosquito car looks better than the previous K969 K989. The internal structure is basically the same. so cute. It's very fast to handle. Excellent.
    2 There are many upgrade accessories for the discount car. I bought 2 small cars and the corresponding metal upgrade accessories. I will transform it into a super luxurious off-road car. We will wait and see.
    3 This car is fast. The price/performance ratio is very high. Inexpensive. And great support for their own modification and upgrade. This is our greatest pleasure. We can experience our own value from the modified car.
    4 The little guy runs very fast. And quite safe. My child is very happy after receiving this car. He got on the road for driving. Excellent. Extremely fast. The orientation is very flexible. .
    5 The tires of this car have a good grip and can do some tail-flicking, drifting and other actions. The most interesting time, we can set up various obstacles. Play with the little ones for a day. Experience the joy of driving. Excellent.

    Product Intruction

    Product number: 284131
    Product description: 1:28 electric four-wheel drive short truck
    Product material: PA+ electronic components
    Product size (cm): 17.5*8*5.5CM
    Packing number (pcs): 24PCS
    Color box size (cm): 22.5*19*13CM
    Outer box size (cm): 59*46.5*54CM
    Product weight (bare metal) grams: 181g (including battery)
    Product weight (single box/g): 611g
    Packaging: sealed box
    Gross weight/net weight (kg): Gross weight: 16.2KG Net weight: 14.7KG
    Color: bright green
    Product full function:
    1. Full simulation structure design, full real car control feeling (remote control, realize high-speed driving, instant acceleration, deceleration, braking, backing, turning, lighting. The front and rear wheels are independently suspended for smooth cornering and stable body posture.

    2. Using 7.4V 400mAh, 130 brushed motor, the speed reaches 30KM/hour

    3. All-terrain rubber tires, strong ground adhesion and friction resistance;

    4. Four-wheel shock absorber, the shock absorber performance can better adapt to the bumps of various terrains.

    5. The 5-wire 3-wire digital steering gear is used to control the steering flexibly, making the driving smoother, cornering more stable, and durable.
    6. Cool LED lights for barrier-free operation at night.
    Top speed: 30km/h
    Use time: about 18 minutes
    Charging time: 63 minutes
    Remote control mode: 2.4G remote control
    Remote control distance (meters): more than 100 meters
    Drive motor: 130 brushed motor
    Battery details: 7.4V 400mAh
    Charging device: 7.4V 2000mA USB charging cable
    "The product comes with
    Details of accessories: clearly stated, 7.4V 2000mA USB charging cable, gear accessories package, R-type pin