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Wltoys 124019
Wltoys 124019 Upgrade Metal Anti-Dust Cover Parts.

Wltoys 124019 RC Truck Parts,Upgrade Metal Anti-Dust Cover Accessories.

  • Wltoys 124019 Upgrade Metal Anti-Dust Cover Parts.
  • Wltoys 124019 Upgrade Metal Anti-Dust Cover Parts.
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Wltoys 124019 Parts-Upgrade Metal Anti-Dust Cover for the WLtoys 124019 Remote Control Vehicle. There are 6 colors you can choose. The purple,the Blue,the Red,The Golden and the Silver color,the Gray Color. As we all know, when the remote control car runs for a long time, the gears will be covered with a lot of dust. If it is not cleaned in time, it will reduce the operation efficiency of the remote control car. The flexibility, accuracy, speed and time of the control will be affected. And this upgraded metal dust cover can protect the operation of the internal gear to a certain extent. Reduce dust. At the same time, because the material is aluminum alloy, the quality is firm and resistant to fall, which greatly protects the internal structure from damage.

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