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Wltoys 104072
Wltoys 104072 Parts,5X11X4mm Bearing Accessories.12428.0095.The quantity is 4pcs.

Wltoys 104072 RC Car Parts,5X11X4mm Bearing Accessories.12428.0095.The quantity is 4pcs.WL-Racing XK 104072 High speed Drift racing RC Car Accessories,Wltoys Force 1/10 Parts

  • Wltoys 104072 Parts,5X11X4mm Bearing Accessories.12428.0095.The quantity is 4pcs.
  • Wltoys 104072 Parts,5X11X4mm Bearing Accessories.12428.0095.The quantity is 4pcs.
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This is the Wltoys 104072 Parts 5X11X4mm Bearing.12428.0095.Total 4pcs.

This parts is for Wltoys 104072 RC Truck. Wltoys 1/10 RC Racing Car

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Wltoys 104072 Parts

Wltoys 104072 RC Car and Parts

The Features for the Wltoys 104072 RC Racing Car

1 The size of this product is 31X20.5X11cm. The packaging size is 41.5*23*15cm. Its top speed can reach 60km/h. The high-speed operation time is about 7 minutes or so. The charging time is about 3 hours.
2. The main body of this remote control car is made of high-strength aluminum alloy material, reinforced in many places, so it is strong and handsome and has strong stability when driving at high speed.
3. Adopt high-efficiency 550 carbon brush strong magnetic brush motor. Just adapt to the performance of this high-speed car. Increase torque at high speed.
4. The differentials are all made of strong zinc alloy. Compared with plastic gears, this metal gear is more wear-resistant, resistant to high temperatures, and has a longer operating life.
5. The shock absorber system of this remote control car is a hydraulic shock absorber.
Many people will ask when is the hydraulic shock absorber system? The hydraulic shock absorber is an important damping component for the primary suspension and secondary suspension of locomotives (diesel locomotives, electric locomotives), metro vehicles, urban light rail vehicles, and highway large passenger vehicle bogies (bridges). The hydraulic damping force is formed by the reciprocating movement of the stretched and compressed piston rods to achieve the purpose of damping. It has a good damping effect and a flexible damping effect, which improves the stability, comfort, and safety of locomotives and vehicles at high speed. Key components
6. This Car uses the 2.4G remote control mode. The remote control distance is about 100 meters. The battery is a 7.4V 1500mAh 15c discharge rate battery.

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